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Minipool 2
This is the long awaited 'MiniPool 2'. The Aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time possible.
Miniputt 3
This is one of the web's most celebrated flash Carpet Golf Games. The aim is to putt the golf ball in the fewest hits as possible.

Naval Gun
Fire missiles and blow up the enemy submarines and planes, using a naval gun. Try to survive for as long as possible.
The aim of the game is to use various pipe fittings available in order to construct a pipe line from the water source to the shower nozzle in the shortest time possible.

Rickshaw Jam
A New Delhi bazaar Rickshaw driver has found himself stuck in the parking lot...The aim of the game is for you to methodically move the other vehicles until leaving a free lane for the Rickshaw driver to EXIT.
Show Jumping
Ride a horse and jump over different obstacles, walls and fences to complete a course in this action packed show jumping.


Shut Yer Gob
Tired of politics? Take a break with this Whack-a-Mole type game. Use a variety of gags to shut Michael Moore and George Bush up.
The first thing you do when you start using a computer....Play the most popular and classic card game online.

Stone Breaker
A modern revival of the classic breakout game, that takes you back to the Stone Age! New power-ups and a high score table.
Swamp Treck
This is a challenging skill game where you've to try and reach the other end of the swamp by using the natural hummocks as a road!

Sweet Tooth
Help Sweet Tooth jump on the platforms and reach the top level to grab the pie, avoiding the fierce enemies.
Eat all the fish before the time runs out.
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