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Forest Challenge 2
Another very nice and challenging mini golf game set in a forest, complete all the 18 holes in the least number of shots.
Halloween Cemetary
It's Halloween Eve and you're trying to trick or treat at the local haunted house. As you take a shortcut through the cemetary, a rascally ghost tries to slow you down by biffing Jack 'o Lanterns. Spin your spider webs to protect yourself from the pumpkin-chucking ghost.

Jewel Thief
Sneak into a jewelry store and steal the precious jewels avoiding the security devices, guards and other customers around.
Jumping Troll
Help the troll to bounce on the mushroom, collect all the fruits and light up the rings while avoiding the baddies...

This is a game that'll keep you on your toes, The aim is to not let the black bombs hit the ground and to Avoid the red bombs.
Keep Ups
We all remember when we had that one badminton racket and a ball and we tried to see how many times we could keep the ball up in the air before we dropped it....well that's exactly what KEEPUPS is ...


Keep Ups 2
How long can you keep a soccer ball up in the air? Test your soccer skills and try to achieve the highest score!
Little Shepherd
Take part in the sheep herding competition and guide your sheep safely into the fences.

A True Dodgeball Game - Run around in the sporting arena pushing the bouncing balls to make them roll and dodging the moving balls to collect bonus items.
Mahjong is an ancient game that originated in China. It is a game of skill, intelligence, calculation and luck. The aim is to clear up the board of stones and not to bring down the whole pyramid!

Maxim's Day Out
Maxim, the little puppy is having a day out at the park. Make him jump and catch as many frisbees as possible.
The Aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time possible.
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