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I saw a picture that I found offensive or was illegal that had "GlassGiant.com" on it. Will you remove it?

Our visitors can make a number of different types of pictures at GlassGiant.com. We have no control over what text or images they use to make them. If the picture a user created is hosted on another server, we cannot delete it. If it is hosted on our server in a registered user's account, we will only delete it if it violates our Terms of Use or is otherwise illegal (child pornography, trademark infringement, etc.).

Based on these criteria, if you feel a registered user's picture should be removed, please contact us. Be sure to cite the full web address of the picture (remember, if it doesn't have 'glassgiant.com' in the address, we can't remove it), the reason you feel it's in violation, and use 'GlassGiant.com picture violation' as the email subject.

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