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dotDraw Your Own Glitters

Make your own glitter! You've seen them all over the web. Now it's your turn to draw one! No special programs are needed. Use the white board tools below to draw your own glitter.

If you're a GlassGiant.com registered user, you might want to login before you start drawing. If not, you might want to sign up.


Click the draw "marker" button to make your drawing. Choose a marker size and color. The colors in the top row are all plain. The colors in the bottom row are all glitters (they show up as stripes when you are drawing, but glitter when you view or save your picture).

To draw a straight line, click the place where you want your line to start, then hold the SHIFT key and click the place where you want your line to end.

To err is human. If you were human, click this button.

Before you save or view your picture, click the crop button and move the arrows so only your picture is in the light colored box. This will leave out any unused space and make your picture load faster.

Clears the screen with the color you choose.

Click the view button to see your picture glitter (it will pop up in a new window). It may take a few seconds after clicking the button for your picture to load.

If you have signed up with us and you're logged in, you can save your picture to your account.

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