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dotROT13 Encoder / Decoder

ROT13 is a very simple enryption method. It is usually used to encode text so that it cannot be read accidentally. Normally it is used for spoilers (i.e. "Gur tvey va gur Pelvat Tnzr vf n zna" ) or for off-color jokes (i.e. "'Unir lbh rire frra zbguonyyf?' 'Lrf.' 'Ubj qvq lbh trg gurve gval yrtf ncneg?" ). Many newsreaders include ROT13 decoding features, though it's use seems to be declining.

Only alphabetic characters are encoded. This is done by simply ROTating the letter forwards or backwards 13 letters. For example, 'A' is letter 1. Adding 13 to 1 gives you 14. The fourteenth letter is 'N'. Therefore 'A' becomes 'N'. 'N', on the other hand, becomes 'A' (14 - 13 = 1). This means you can undo ROT13 encoding by simply encoding it again.

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