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dotBinary Clock

Binary clocks and binary watches are the ultimate in geekiness. The first one I saw was at thinkgeek.com. This program uses your computer's clock to display the time in a graphical binary format.

Please make sure you have Javascript enabled and take a look at the Javascript binary clock. Make sure you have Flash to see the Flash binary clock.

Flash Binary Clock     or     Javascript Binary Clock

How It Works

The leftmost two columns represent hours, the middle two represent minutes and the last two represent seconds. In addition, each row represents a value of 1, 2, 4 or 8, as indicated. To find out what time it is, simply add the values associated with each active square for each column. If there are no active squares in a column the value is 0.

For example, the sample shows that only the 4 position is lit up in the second column from the right, for a total of 4. The 4 and 1 positions are lit up for the rightmost column, for a total of 5. So, putting these two numbers together, we find that the "seconds" portion of the time is 45. Adding up the remaining columns, we find the time is 22:47:45, or 10:47:45 PM.

For more information on how to count in binary, check out How to Count to 31 on One Hand.

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